Originally from Aotearoa (NZ), Bridget has been touring with UK bands since 2013, taking the stage at a number of iconic global venues and festivals, including Glastonbury, Isle of Wight, Boomtown, Sono Centrum, Shambala, Latitude, Estragon Club, Subsonic, Auckland Arts Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe.


Bridget’s booty-shaking soul-pop is all about bringing people together and spreading a little PMA, with her musical roots spanning everything from hiphop to hardcore to musical theatre.


Bridget's new project, 10:32, debuted at the Isle of Wight Festival in 2018, followed by a New Zealand spring tour, and studio sessions in the UK, New Zealand and the USA. 10:32 will be releasing their new EP in Spring 2020, recorded at London’s Total Refreshment Centre. 


Bridget is incredibly humbled to be endorsed by Audix Microphones USA.

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"Bridget is an explosive performer and truly unique in her ability to bring joy to an audience. She is fresh and on the pulse of what audiences actually need."

- Sxip Shirey, New York City

"When I first saw Bridget perform, I was blown away by her voice and energetic stage presence.

I booked the band for the Isle of Wight Festival straight away."

- Molly Ure, London